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Our Team

We are so grateful for our amazing team! Our barn family, working students, veterinary team, and partners help us keep our horses feeling and looking their best. We couldn't do it without them!


Katie & Stephen Rines

Juliane Dykiel Dressage operates out of Sheriffmuir Farm, owned and operated by Katie and Stephen Rines. Katie and Stephen are two very dedicated horse people and knowledgeable farm owners who live on-site, and offer top care for their client's horses. They are also the proud owners of broodmares Lagoa Santana and Fabula Santana, as well as stallion Ronaldo CL. Learn more about Sheriffmuir's breeding program here, or visit to learn more about the farm.


Anne Dykiel

The bug has to come from somewhere, and Juliane’s mom, Anne, is almost as horse-obsessed as she is. She is a phenomenal horse woman that specializes in solving behavioral issues on the ground, but is also wonderful in the saddle. She works with Juliane every day and is an instrumental part of her program. She loves to use clicker training and positive reinforcement particularly for insecure horses. She is also a wonderful ground person with young or difficult horses to make Juliane‘s job safer.



Clea Cloutier

Clea is a community social psychology & Honors College student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell who grew up with Morgan horses. She was the 2018 US Equestrian Youth Sportsman Award winner and the 2018/2019 American Morgan Horse Association Youth of the Year Reserve National Champion. She has also claimed a reserve national championship title and world championship top 3 at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show with her mare Ledyard’s Tiger Lily. She is the type of rider to say yes to getting on any horse and grew up riding any discipline she got the chance to try. She hopes to have a career that allows her to breed and train her own horses at home one day.


Maddie Evans-Cole

Maddie is a 16-year-old student working towards her USDF bronze medal. She began riding when she was six years old, and rode a variety of different disciplines before deciding on dressage when she was 14. During the 2023 season, she earned her first three scores getting her halfway to her bronze medal in just one year! In addition, she earned a 2024 USDF Rider Performance Award for her outstanding scores at first level. She has a gift for social media, and contributes extensively to Juliane Dykiel Dressage’s social media accounts. She plans to work in the equine industry as a professional trainer when she’s older. We’re thrilled to have such a promising young rider as part of our team!


Liza Radstake

My name is Liza Radstake, and I am 16 years old. I lived in the Netherlands my whole life and moved to the US during my freshman year of high school. I have been riding horses since I was eight years old and still enjoy it today. I got my first horse, Luna Clara MHF, in May 2022, which we bought from Juliane Dykiel. I have done some shows with her, and we got our first-level scores. In August 2022, we imported a Dutch warmblood from the Netherlands, and me and Juliane are training her right now. I love working at Sheriffmuir farm and helping out with the training of the horses.


Mia Morningstar

My name is Mia Morningstar, I am 19 years old. I started riding when I turned 13, I had always loved horses and begged for lessons but not having the funds for it I became a working student. I worked at my first barn for several years, almost everyday learning and riding all different types of horses. Finally the time came and I was ready for a project. In 2021 I became the owner of Gambia, a 16yo Hanoverian mare. She was backed as a 2yo but spent most of her years in a field. After a couple years of training we started pursuing dressage, she truly shines at it and I fell in love with the art of it. I am honored to be a part of the Juliane Dykiel Dressage team!


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C3 Equine

C3 Equine is a trusted partner for equine sports medicine. They are more than just a veterinary clinic; they're a dedicated team committed to enhancing the performance and bond between riders and equine athletes. C3 Equine provides relatable and specialized care to the equine athlete with the goal of strengthening their performance and the partnership between them and their owners.


Bates Saddles

Juliane earned her USDF medals in Bates saddles, and has been utilizing their comfort and support ever since. With a spooky horse particular about his saddle's fit, the Bates was the only saddle he would go in that kept his rider feeling centered and secure. Thanks to the help of Janie at Pelham Saddlery, we've fit many horses in our barn with their very own Bates!


Salamander Studios

For Amanda at Salamander Studios, photography is much more than simply capturing a pretty picture. Her goal is always to capture a moment in time that evokes a myriad of emotions. We are so grateful for her partnership, and for making our horses shine on screen! Visit to book a session with Amanda and experience the magic for yourself.

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