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Juliane Dykiel riding Famoso

About me

My passion for horses began the first time I sat in the saddle, and has carried me through my long journey of training my own horses from the ground up (I love starting them myself!), seeking coaching from top riders, and teaching students of all levels. I am so thankful to all the horses and humans who have shaped me into the horsewoman I am today, and can't wait to continue this adventure through a variety of unique opportunities. Read on to learn more about my path to dressage!


Juliane Dykiel riding Forest

USDF Gold Medal

Upon Forest's arrival from Brazil in 2019, I discovered that my new stallion had significant cataracts causing a lack of confidence under saddle. Despite his vision challenges, lack of basic training and no show experience, Forest and I created a lasting bond that helped him blossom in the show ring, taking him down the center line for his first time ever at PSG. He progressed quickly in his new career, and I was able to earn my USDF gold medal with him in only a few years. Today, Forest is a trusted schoolmaster, recently helping an adult amateur and a young rider finish their bronze medals in two consecutive weekends — and he won every class! Learn more about Forest in the USLA article below.

Juliane Dykiel Mustang Makeover

Mustang Makeover

Each year, the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation team up to host the Extreme Mustang Makeover, which helps adopt out mustangs rounded up due to a shortage of grazing land. In 2015 I competed in the challenge, where I was assigned mustang mare Rocío, who had been in a holding pen since 2010. During the following 120 days, I worked with the previously unhandled Rocío on groundwork, dressage, and jumping including lateral work and bridle-less riding. Starting her training myself was an extremely rewarding experience, and helped encourage my love for starting horses! Click below to find a video of my experience.


Juliane Dykiel with Kathy Connelly

Kathy Connelly

I am honored to have trained extensively with renowned and highly respected international dressage rider, trainer, coach, clinician, author, and judge Kathy Connelly during my career. Her many accolades include riding for the U.S. at the World Cup, coaching at the World Equestrian Games, and coaching the Canadian Individual Silver Medal winner at the Pan American Games. We are lucky to frequently host her clinics at Sheriffmuir Farm, where horses of all ages and abilities are able to learn from her wide expertise.

Juliane Dykiel at Casa Lusitana

Casa Lusitana

During my time at Casa Lusitana with Jorge Gabriel I had the privilege of working with amazingly gifted Lusitanos, as well as excellent trainers and riders. While at Casa, I imported Favonius da Raposa, affectionately known as "Forest," from Brazil. With the help of Jorge and the Casa team, I earned my USDF gold medal despite Forest's significant cataracts. I am so grateful for my time at Casa Lusitana, and the talented horses I worked with and brought along there!



In addition to training and teaching daily, I also frequently contribute to the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club (ERAHC) and write on the intricacies of dressage. Click below to see some of my recently published work.

Clinics & updates

As a rider and instructor, I am always learning and improving through clinics and educational opportunities. Follow me on social media or click below to stay up to date on the latest clinics and related news.

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