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Juliane riding Reagan


Creating individualized training programs to meet the diverse needs of you and your equine partner.

Horses in training with Juliane Dykiel Dressage receive customized programs to help you and your horse thrive - all levels welcome. Get in touch to learn more about rates, and plans.

Juliane and Quitop CL

Customized program

From training level to Grand Prix, we are committed to helping you and your horse meet your goals.We will create a personalized schedule that meets your needs, including training time, lessons, nutrition, and more. Positive reinforcement the basis of all of our training, from ground work and horsemanship to upper level movements.

Juliane showing Panache CL

Dressage shows

Showing is a wonderful way to work toward a certain goal during your training sessions. We will help prepare you for competitions as well as being available for coaching at certain competitions. Juliane or a member of the team is willing to help horses of every age, ability, and training level have meaningful, positive experiences off property.

sheriffmuir farm

Top facilities

Horses in full training are boarded at Sheriffmuir Farm in Harvard, MA. The full-service facility's small size allows for attentive and individualized care to all boarders and their horses. Juliane has also begun accepting training clients at Indian Meadow Farm in West Newbury, MA. In addition, Juliane travels to Kastle Equine in Campton, NH for clinics 1-2 times per month. Learn more about these facilities below.

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